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The Phoebe Project ceased activity in 2009. This site remains as an archive.

Welcome to the Phoebe Project Wiki

Phoebe at the JISC Online Conference 2009 (introduction and links)

A practitioner-focused environment to support design for learning

The aim of the Phoebe project is to guide practitioners working in post-compulsory learning (FE, HE and ACL) in designing effective and pedagogically sound learning activities. To realise this aim, we have:

  • Developed a prototype online planning tool that will offer users both flexible and guided paths through the planning process and encourage them to explore new approaches and tools in their pedagogy;
  • User-tested the planning tool for functionality and usability; and
  • Investigated the feasibility of further development and the integration of the planning tool into pedagogic practice by embedding it in teacher-training and staff-development contexts.

The project has been carried out by Oxford University Department for Continuing Education and Oxford University Computing Services, and has been funded under the  JISC Design for Learning programme. Phase 1 (01/05/06 to 28/02/07) focused on developing a proof-of-concept prototype. In phase 2 (01/03/07 to 06/05/08) we worked on a more full-featured tool for evaluation with practitioners. Project outputs

Click  here for a demo of the Phoebe tool. (23mins, requires audio)

Try out the  Phoebe tool.

Find more information about our thoughts on this project and other things in the TALL Blog's Phoebe category .

For a history of key activities and events, see the News Archive.

Project Team

 Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning Unit, Oxford University Department for Continuing Education:

 Learning Technologies Group, Oxford University Computing Services:

Phoebe in detail

For more information about Phoebe, please follow the links below:

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