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Representing the Activities Within a Learning Session

2 things here:

  • Representing the flow of activities and the relationships among them (akin to LAMS)
  • Representing the nature of individual activities

Representing the flow of activities and the relationships among them

Rather than present a LAMS sequence here, I've mocked up an alternative FoR in Vue. Task labels would in reality be the brief title/description of the task, optionally incorporating the interaction type (see next section). Ideally, it would be nice to allow the users to use this screen to sequence their activities and rearrange them as required. Not sure that we should go as far as to allow them to add a new task -- but if we did, it should be limited to the label and (underneath the bonnet) the sequence number or "task type". The rest should be specified in the text interface.

Representing the nature of individual activities

May not be relevant in its current incarnation, but to help teachers get a feel for the nature and flow of the planned interactions in their learning sessions here's a suggestion from Liz's PhD thesis. Characters from the Wingdings set were used to denote the different forms of interaction between teacher and students/between learners/individual activities. The colour-coding is intended to convey a quick visual impression of the relative degree of participation of the parties to the interaction: red = "teacher talk"; blue = student[+student]; magenta = teacher+student.

So you can see very quickly the mix of interactions: too much red, and the session is looking a bit didactic; lots of magenta suggests a democratic flow of ideas...

NB The categories were developed to analyse lessons that had already taken place, so some may be irrelevant within a planning context (e.g. student initiatives).