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Functionality thoughts



  • Need to make the learning design more central to the user experience.
  • Clarify design management work flow and pages
  • Share designs and co-edit/co-create designs
  • Does there need to be a visual representation of a design (like LAMS)?
  • Have a design scratchpad for quick notes not related to a particular part of the learning design


  • Tags on user notes
  • Tag clouds - different ranking systems, system created/user created


  • Enable new user web registration – collect email address
  • Linking to external exemplars – new window out of phoebe?
  • Improve server performance
  • Transparent glossary?

Learning design appearance/editing interface

Design editing modes

Edit design

  • Change field values
  • Hide fields

Edit design template

  • Add new fields
  • Clone fields
  • Change field properties:
    • Field type
    • Name
    • Default value
    • Reference URLs
  • Delete fields


The interface will have two main parts: the Phoebe controls frame (where the learning design can be edited), and the content frame. Clicking on certain widgets in the controls frame will load related content in the content frame. The content frame may open content in new browser windows.

  • Concept map interface (nice to have):
    • Need to consider how to manage converting between a linear hierarchy and a non-linear graph
    • Probably would use HTML similar to the hierarchical list, with extra CSS and Javascript to allow nodes in the design to be dragged around the screen.

Learning design construction

The designs will be implemented as a hierarchy of HTML nodes with extra properties inherited from various classes:

  1. Generic
    • id (DOM attribute)
    • Type (options: LearningDesign, Activity, Assessment...)
    • Title
    • RefURL (address of webpage to be shown for this node)
    • Notes - Use HTML format -  Editor options. Shortlist:
    • LayoutPosition (if we have the LAMS/graph visualisation)
    • Parent/child relationships
  2. LearningDesign (superclass of Generic, Type=LearningDesign, root of design)
    • Aims (list of one or more Aim objects)
    • LearningOutcomes (list of one or more LearningOutcome objects)
  3. Aim (superclass of Generic, Type=Aim)
  4. LearningOutcome (superclass of Generic, Type=LearningOutcome)
  5. Activity (superclass of Generic, Type=Activity)
  6. Assessment (superclass of Generic, Type=Assessment)
    • ForLearningOutcomes (list of one or more references to LearningDesign?>Aims>ID)