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Phoebe downloads

Guidance materials

The Phoebe guidance is provided as the website, and not currently available as a separate download.

Application code

Phoebe is released as GPL2, and includes third party software licensed under GPL2 (with some parts dual-licensed under other open source licenses).

Phoebe code

To install Phoebe on your own server, please check you can satisfy the SoftwareRequirements, and then download the release archive: Phoebe phase2, release 2008-05-06T11-07-09 Download. On Windows you may need to install an archive program capable of extracting tar archives, such as  7-zip.

PEAR config (Phoebe may or may not work in other configurations - feedback and patches welcome)

Archive_Tar        1.3.2   stable
Console_Getopt     1.2.3   stable
MDB2               2.5.0b1 beta
MDB2_Driver_mysqli 1.5.0b1 beta
MDB2_Schema        0.8.4   beta
PEAR               1.6.1   stable
Structures_Graph   1.0.2   stable
XML_Parser         1.3.1   stable
XML_Serializer     0.19.1  beta
XML_Util           1.2.0   stable

Source repository

All Phoebe application resources (including Phase one code, image source files, and build scripts) are managed in a Subversion repository, which can be viewed via Trac's Browse Source function.

2013-01-18: Due to hacking attempts, we have disabled the source browsing, please use the file download (Phoebe phase2, release 2008-05-06T11-07-09 Download) instead.


Reports of what works and what doesn't, and any refinements to the system would be appreciated.

Please send feedback to