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Practitioner-Focused Design and Evaluation

In keeping with the requirement for a practitioner-focused tool, we are seeking to involve lecturers, tutors and teachers from across the spectrum of post-compulsory learning in all stages of the project. Specifically, they are fulfilling three roles:

  • Acting as practitioner-informants in the design process
  • "Critical friends", taking part in our evaluation of the prototype tool and its underlying concept
  • Working as partners in our embedding activities, when we will test the tool in initial teacher-training (ITT) and staff development/continuing professional development (CPD) settings

Some individuals may fulfil more than one role: e.g. two of our PIs are also embedding partners.

Practitioner Informants

See the Practitioner Informants page for a record of our work with Phoebe's practitioner-informants (PIs).



Evaluation Plans

Evaluation Reports


Consultation Activity with JISC Pedagogy Experts

We ran a consultation activity on 26/10/06 at the JISC Pedagogy Experts' meeting in Birmingham. The activity was intended to validate some of the work we had done so far, and to explore three key questions in the design of Phoebe:

  1. What components do teachers take into consideration when planning a lesson in a technology-rich environment?
  2. How do teachers identify these components? Do they recognise a given set of terms, or do they have alternative individual vocabularies?
  3. How do teachers move among these components when planning a particular lesson, and how do they characterise the relationships between components and/or clusters of components?

Report on the consultation activity


Phase 1 Pedagogic Planner Review Meeting

This meeting, on 23/01/07, was held to elicit the perspectives of fellow members of the Design for Learning programme on the future course of both the Phoebe and 'London Knowledge Lab' pedagogic planner projects. After a short overview to the whole meeting, each project demonstrated its tool to roughly half of the participants, who asked questions and filled in review forms supplied by Glenaffric. Glenaffric then collated the responses and forwarded them to us in a  summary document.

See the Phase 1 evaluation report for an analysis of the responses.


Embedding Activities

Embedding Plan