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Project methodology

The pedagogic planner tool will be designed, developed and implemented in the following broad stages:

  • Project set-up: Establish contacts with related projects; identify and recruit “practitioner-informants”, strategic partners etc.
  • Requirements gathering and analysis: Research and re-purpose content from previous projects; design structure of tool; analyse user requirements.
  • Development environment and functional analysis: Investigate open source tools; re-scope tool structure in relation to chosen environment(s).
  • Development and testing of initial prototype: Develop additional functionality; add existing content; perform functional and system tests.
  • Initial evaluation with practitioner-informants: Conduct evaluation; analyse data; discuss with strategic partners; recommend revisions to development team.
  • Integration: Integrate outputs from Models of Practice project and relevant Implementation and Evaluation projects; integrate additional content in conjunction with Support project.
  • Evaluation: Conduct evaluation workshops with representative users.
  • Embedding: Conduct workshop in staff development and/or practitioner training context.
  • Sustainability: Discuss findings with strategic partners and make recommendations for future piloting.