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Formal Outputs from the Phoebe Project

The numerous outputs of the Phoebe project are listed below. As the Design for Learning programme, and with it the community’s understanding of its requirements, has progressed, the project has generated additional outputs to those envisaged in the plan.

  •  Evaluation report (Revised version: 1st September 2008)
  • Formative documentation relating to the evaluation: evaluation plans for Phases 1 and 2, evaluation report for Phase 1
  • Description of our work with practitioner informants in Phase 1. Note that the following documents relating to the interviews are not available online, although they can be provided on request:
    • Interview transcripts
    • Eight scenarios of practice, developed from the transcripts in order to build an understanding of representative contexts in which the tool might be used.
  • Phoebe within the Design for Learning programme: how we have a) mapped Phoebe to the overall aims of the JISC Design for Learning programme and a) addressed the evaluation questions put forward by Glenaffric (evaluators of the D4L programme)
  • A social bookmark site on del.ici.ous: Here we are collecting examples of learning designs, information tools and other resources on which we have drawn for the content of Phoebe, as well as relevant research literature on learning design and design for learning. This site is also accessible within the Phoebe tool itself.
  • Project plan, interim reports and other documentation required by JISC

Note: All the outputs of the project are currently made available through a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 licence. The project team is closely monitoring the work of the JISC funded Web2Rights project and may review this decision if it becomes apparent that an alternative licence is more appropriate.