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Terminology and Tags

Terms Used in Phoebe and Their Definition

This is a record of the core terminology which will be used in the Phoebe interface. Our aim is to adopt the term that appears to be most commonly used by practitioners themselves, although we are aware of potential divergences across the sectors of post-compulsory learning.

Learning session: The basic unit of planning in Phoebe. Synonym = lesson.

Activity: Components of the learning session: i.e. what teachers and learners actually do. Synonym = task.

(Lesson/session) plan: The product of the planning process, and (ideal) output from a pedagogic planner tool. Approximate synonym = learning design.

Tag Categories

Each piece of "wise counsel" will be tagged, each tag being associated with a particular category of tags (or bunches?). This page is where we are designing the tag categories and the tags themselves.

See the following resources for potential tags and categories:

Category Tags in this category Notes
Component LearningOutcomes
TeachingApproach PBL, IBL,
DeliveryMode F2F, Online, Blended
ToolCategories Discursive, As per Laurillard Conv Model?
ToolGenres WP, SSheets, Chat, Mobile, DigiCameras, GraphicalMapping