Last modified 2006-11-08T12:57:08Z

Phoebe walkthrough

This is a basic path through Phoebe, as of 2006-11-08:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "My designs" in the nav bar. You are told that you must log in (or register)
  3. Log in via the "Login" link (or register as a new user). You are presented with a page for managing designs - creating, activating and deleting them.
  4. Create a new design by entering its title in the text input and clicking "Create". The new design appears under "Existing designs".
  5. Activate the design by clicking the "activate" link next to it. You are presented with a "View learning design" page for the design.
  6. Browse to a content page of interest by clicking on the top-right "Sandpit" link, and then on a content page link. (The names must change for release.)
  7. Add notes to the design by: clicking on the "Add notes for this page" button, entering note text in the field, clicking "save changes"
  8. Repeat from 6 as required.
  9. Return to the "View learning design" page by clicking on the design title.
  10. Click on a report link to view the notes in that report.